Race Review: Annapolis 10 Miler

Race Reviews

Annapolis is beautiful. I don’t know how I have gone my whole life without visiting this sweet city. The 10 miler really showcases the best of it. 

Warning: Do NOT come here expecting to PR. It’s not going to happen. This is a beautiful, scenic 10-mile hillfest. 

We ran up and over the U.S. Naval Academy Bridge. Twice. Between miles 4 and 5 and 8 and 9.

But let’s back up.

The race is really great. The start and finish line is in the parking lot of the Navy-Marine Corps Memorial Stadium which is very easy to get to. I actually found a place on Air B&B that was just a block from the race, but I know there are hotels close by too.

The race directors sent out a series of emails in the days, well weeks really, leading up to the race. All helpful. 

There is no bag check but the parking area is immediately next to the start/finish area. Starting corrals are basic and helpful. It is absolutely impossible to hear anything anyone says over the loud speaker. Not even a word.

The race runs through downtown Annapolis and through wonderful residential areas with unbelievably supportive locals. Dozens of families were out blasting music, handing out water, ice and even beer, ringing bells, holding signs. Kids to high-five, pups to pat. All the encouragement you could need.  

Throughout the race there were water and gatorade stations with volunteers making it very clear which was which. No one likes a gatorade surprise.

There were mile markers at every mile and a clock at mile 5.

Here is a map:

And here is a chart of the elevation (both map and chart courtesy of the Annapolis Striders website):

As you climb up one last hill to the finish line, people are ready to hand you small embroidered towels soaked in ice water.

The A10 doesn’t give out shirts every year, but it does give out a premium. This year’s was a Timex Ironman Watch (male or female sizes) with the race title on it. Very cool, I now run with it all the time. According to the website, only finisher’s receive the premium and all racers must maintain a 13.5 minute mile or they will be removed from the course. Not sure how closely they enforce it, but they say it. 

Even though the race doesn’t come with a shirt, there is a ton of Annapolis 10 Miler gear available for purchase at the race expo. Like this one here (don’t mind the giant ice cream cone — I had just raced 10 miles and then walked 11 more all around Annapolis):

It was a beautiful day and there were so many great things to explore  (and eat) in Annapolis. Next year I’ll need a nap after the race. 

Entry fee: $65.00 to $75.00 depending on when you register

Swag: Hat and premium (watch)


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