So sad: Pup who got finished medal for jumping in a half marathon dies

Running News×761.jpg (Photo by AP)

What a sad end to this heartwarming story.

Boogie, the adorable chocolate lab, made headlines earlier this month after escaping from his owner and jumping into a half marathon the next morning.

The pup ran about 13 miles of the Evansville Half Marathon in early October. His alleged finishing time was 2:15 and the race directors gave him a finishers medal two days after the race when he was reunited with his owner,

Boogie’s owners posted on Facebook on Wednesday that Boogie had died of a heart attack on Tuesday.

According to Runner’s World Newswire, a veterinary technician at Cape Veterinary Clinic in South Portland, Maine said without knowing the dog’s medical history, it’s not possible to say whether running the half marathon on October 5 contributed to the heart attack on October 15.

Here is what Boogie’s owners posted on his Facebook page:

“It is with great sadness that we inform you that Boogie passed away due to a heart attack on Tuesday, Oct. 15. He was 10 when he wiggled free of his owner Jerry Butts’ leash on Oct. 4 and, two days later, ran 13 of 13.1 miles in the Evansville Half Marathon. Boogie received a medal for completing the race and became an international media sensation. He loved every minute of the attention. You know him as the first dog thought to have completed a half marathon unassisted, but to me and my sons, he was our companion, our watchdog, and a member of our family. Boogie was a rascal and he went out the way he wanted, by being a little mischievous and not being too shy to soak up the glory.

Thank you to all the runners, to the YMCA, the media, and friends new and old for your outpouring of support.

Don’t forget to hug your furry family members a little closer this evening.”

Love to Boogie and his family! Lets hope the half had nothing to do with it and that the pup lived a full and happy life.


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