Tomorrow is race day.

My Story


It’s not the first half marathon of the year (It’s the third) and it’s not the last (two more to go) but the Woodrow Wilson Bridge half marathon will be the most important race I run this year.

This is the race I’ve had my eye on. The race I adjusted my first real half marathon training schedule to. The race I would overcome my knee injury to complete. The race I was ready for. 

Thanks to hours out on the trials, fantastic running shoes and a running partner who was willing to wake up and run at 4 a.m. (more than once) when I had to fit in 8 miles before work, I was feeling strong and ready to go. I had my bib, my race day outfit picked out, my family coming to town, my taper underway.

Enter: Government shutdown. Race postponed more than a month.

Because this was the first race I had a real training plan for, it was also the first race where the training plan hit a serious road block. 

I was a bit more disappointed than I care to admit. But we planned a 14 mile long run that day – October 6 – and carried on. I found a wonderful little community half marathon in Fall River, Mass. that I could run just two weeks later to keep myself from getting too bummed out. I loved every minute of that race, aside from the uphill of mile 11, but it just wasn’t this race. It wasn’t the one I’ve been dreaming about, been anxious about, been excited for. 

Now race day is tomorrow. Nothing but hours and minutes before I line up at the starting line. The training is done, the bib is picked up, the pre-race dinner is planned. All that’s left is me, a beautiful Saturday, a restless night of sleep and pre-race jitters.

Today is a wonderful day. Tomorrow will be even better.

What do you do on the day before a big race? Let me know, I am always looking forward to tips. 

As for this time tomorrow, I hope to be happy, strong, healthy and well past the finish line.


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