My match: Caleb, who I run for.

My Story

Today, I met a tiny little guy who has already become a huge inspiration in my life.

Meet Caleb:


He is just 15 pounds, but that smile already fills up my whole heart. Caleb has Congenital CMV (Cytomegalovirus) and Microcephaly.

Caleb is my match.

A wonderful program, Who I Run 4, matches runners with children who have special needs. The point? To provide some always needed two-way inspiration. I do the running and report back to Caleb (and his mom) about my experiences. We both will keep each other going – and smiling (if I can help it!). Hopefully I can snag a few race medals to send Caleb’s way too!

The main way the group encourages runners to communicate with their matches to through posting on Facebook. Words, photos anything that lets your match know you are thinking of them. 

I am ordering my IRun4 Caleb race day shirt right now, I hope it is here my this weekend’s 12K or the Annapolis Half Marathon two weeks from now!

I’d love some help thinking of ways to celebrate Caleb in my running. Can you think of any ideas?

I want to make this an awesome experience for his family so keep the ideas flowing!

Let’s get moving, Caleb! 


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