Man completes ultra marathon in $2 sandals

Running News


(Photo: Team Fifita-Lamb Facebook page)

Andrew Fifita-Lamb, a 48-year-old runner, completed the 160K Round-the-Mountain Relay event in New Zealand in $2, homemade “jandals” — better known in the U.S. as sandals.

“The main reason I did the run was to inspire people,” Fifita-Lamb told Competitor Running. ”And to let people know you don’t need to have flash gear to achieve your dream.”

Fifita-Lamb says he made his footwear using: “basically the gear that I make is from an old pair of gumboots that could have been thrown in the rubbish.”

Taranaki Daily News reports that wearing running shoes used to give him pain in the knees and calves so he designed his unique footwear from the inner-sole of gumboots and stockings.

“I used to have a quite a few pairs [of running shoes] but what I noticed during my training for the ultra-marathon when they run up to 40 or 50 kilometres my knees get quite sore,” he told Competitor Running. ”Someone suggested I try running bare feet. I did that for a couple of months, but then found that the soles of my feet were wearing thin.”


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