Need a snack? Try Truebars (Giveaway!!)

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I won a pack of Truebars from the Bakery on Main in a runner giveaway on the Breathe Deeply and Smile blog a few weeks ago. I absolutely can’t wait to order every flavor as soon as possible. These bars are delicious, healthy and so light – lightness is rare for a bar, as far as I am concerned. Now I’ve got a Truebar giveaway of my own!

A bit on the bars:

I currently don’t practice a gluten-free diet, but I do try to make healthy eating decisions. In addition to being gluten free, these bars don’t contain any dairy or casein. Add non-GMO, low sodium, and Kosher to the list and this product appeals to a lot of specialty eaters.

Here are the nutrition facts for my favorite two bars (that I’ve tried so far):



The bars come in 6 flavors:

Coconut Cashew
Apricot Almond Chai
Fruit & Nut
Hazelnut Chocolate Cherry
Raspberry Chocolate Almond
Walnut Cappucino

I really love it when I pick up a bar and recognize (and can pronounce) all of the nutrients on the label. The bar packaging certainly warrants it’s slogan “I’ve got nothing to hide.”

I highly recommend this product. In the future I hope they get a few options with a little bit less sugar but it is not enough to deter me from carrying these bars around for a snack. Hmm.. which flavor to try next?

I am always looking for new things to try: What is your favorite kind of bar?


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