10 gifts for runners


Christmas is almost here! Stumped about what to get for the runner on your list? Here is my list of 10 gifts for runners. Happy shopping!


$22 Custom Race Bib Coasters made by 26MileStones

A set of four 4 x 4 tile coasters with your sealed race bib (or a copied image), so the bib won’t peel off or wear away. Bottoms are lined with cork. How awesome is this? What a great way to remember a race. You

Buy them here.


 $17.99 A sleeve of Truebars from the Bakery on Main.

I absolutely love these bars. I won a sleeve of them in a raffle and am hooked. Here is my review. These are great for any health nuts or gluten-free eaters.


$24.00 Runner’s World subscription (2 year)

This is the magazine I look most look forward to every month. Tips, stories, gear and race info for runners of every level. You can’t help but be inspired.

Buy it here.


$24.99 Action Wipes (Pack of 30)

This pack of 30 9×10 body wipes are the perfect solution for those runs where a shower isn’t accessible. I used one of these to wipe down after a half marathon before I went out to brunch. Worked like a charm! Buy them here. Another brand? ShowerPill.


$28.99 – $60.99 Race Medal Holders made by Running on the Wall

Those above are just a few examples. These are all hand-crafted and customizable with hooks for hanging medals and frames for bibs and race pictures.

Buy them here.


$20.00 RunnerBox or $15.00 StrideBox subscription

Of all the running subscription boxes I’ve tried, RunnerBox and StrideBox are my favorites. They comes jam-packed with a variety of running goodies – GUs, gels, nutrition, snacks, lights, shoelaces, socks, body wash, sprays, protein shakes – RunnerBox even has a gluten-free option.

Buy RunnerBox here and StrideBox here.


$65.00 Rundies for a pack of 7 (100% cotton)

Rundies are Oiselle’s day-of-the-week underwear. How cute are these?

Buy them here.

$11.60 GU Energy Gel (8 gel packets)

Fuel is a must-have for those longer distances. GU Energy Gel is my go-to. Although these packets are tiny, they work magic and the cost of a few every long run or race really adds up. Recommended flavors: Vanilla Bean, Tri-Berry Chocolate Outrage

Buy it here.


$29.95-39.95 XRACEWEAR no more safety pins running tops

Buying for a runner who hates poking holes in his or her shirt to pin on race bibs? XRACEWEAR just might have your answer. These shirts fit great and are an awesome alternative to safety pins on race day. Available in mens and womens. Check out my product review.

Buy them here.


$99.00 FitBit One

The point of the Fitbit and other activity monitors is to point out to you what you are — or aren’t — doing. It’s harder to park in the closest spot to the store when you know you are passing up steps on your day’s count. Similarly, if you track your food intake with the device, it’s easier to turn down a second handful of M&Ms when you watch the calories tick up.

The One tracks steps, distance, stairs climbed and calories burned and syncs with bluetooth right to your phone and to your account on fitbit.com. Check out my review here.

Buy it here.

So what did I leave off the list? Runners? What is on your wishlist?


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