Product Review: SKIDA headwear

Product Reviews


I won a giveaway on the Organic Runner Mom blog a few weeks ago. I got to pick my choice of one SKIDA Alpine Headband and one Alpine Hat. 

First things first, a part of my heart belongs to Vermont. I went to college and met some of the most incredible people in the world there (somehow I convinced them to be my friends). So I was more than excited to give SKIDA a try when I saw that they were not only made in Vermont, but made in Burlington, Vermont – University of Vermont stomping ground.

There are SO many fabulous patterns to pick from – luckily I got to select two. Here is what I went with. 


The Sweet Caroline Alpine hat (which retails for $34.00)

The hat is so cozy. I wore it on a morning run and it felt great. Often I find that hats are cut too short which makes them ride up and off of your head when you run. This is not the case here. This hat is the perfect length. It is fleece lined too so it feels great on your skin.


The Annabelle Alpine Headband (which retails for $18.00)

Again, SO comfy. Another great fit. This is perfect for chilly days where your ears are cold but you don’t need the intense head warming coverage that comes with a hat. This is also lined with micro-fleece. I went on a 16 mile run with this an started to get hot around mile 12. I just double-looped it around my wrist and forgot about it.

I have no complaints about either of these products and I highly recommend the SKIDA Alpine brands. They also carry a Nordic line of gear which is unlined (I haven’t tried these) and a few other things.

Something that stood out to me about the company is the SKIDA +1 program. For every hat ordered with the Plus One promo code, SKIDA donates a hat to a cancer center for a patient undergoing Chemotherapy. 

Several of their products support charities.

I love people who promote love and giving. Now if I could only just grow a few more heads so I have an excuse to buy 87 hats..


What is your favorite brand of running hat?


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