Man running across Canada mugged on New Year’s Eve

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Jamie McDonald, 27, a British runner says he was mugged on New Year’s Eve during his quest to run the full length of Canada.

According to his blog, McDonald was attacked during New Year’s Eve celebrations in Banff, Alberta, in an unprovoked mugging.

He suffered blows to the head and his bag (which contained credit card, cash and film footage of his run) was stolen.

“I’m physically fine and was obviously very shaken up, but the support has been incredible. Although I’d been told my bag had been taken, it appears that whoever did so had a change of mind, as the bag was found at/near the place I left after the attack,” McDonald posted on his blog.

McDonald began his journey to become the first person to run the more than 5,000 mile length of the country unassisted on March 9, 2013.The trek is raising money for UK charities Great Ormond Street Children’s Charity and the Pied Piper Appeal and children’s hospitals throughout Canada. He is know for dressing as the D.C. comics superhero the Flash during his run.

His blog states that, “He’ll become the first person in history to run it alone if he completes it, facing snow storms, -30°C temperatures, hundreds of miles without food and water and grizzly bears, all whilst carrying a 30kg backpack – the weight of an average 9 year old boy!”

According to the BBC, donations have increased since the New Year’s Day incident.

“I wish the story didn’t have to have an unfortunate incident in order to reach people, but I’m glad in a way because the more people that know about my journey, the more children it might be able to help,” McDonald posted on his blog. “As the saying goes, every cloud has a silver lining, and the additional donations as a result of people hearing about this are hugely appreciated.”


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