Michigan running group turns to fundraising to get path plowed

Running News

(Photo from For The Run of It)

I love this story. Being a year-round runner is rewarding, but it comes with some dangers. I’ll run in cold, snow, rain and even heat. But one thing keeps me off the path: ice. Unfortunately, after any kind of ice or snow storm, you can pretty much guarentee that the W&OD trail which runs outside of my house will be frozen over. That leaves me running on icy streets, often in the dark. So I can only imagine what this running group in Michigan is going through.

Muskegon, Michigan’s local running group, “For the Run of It,” has been focused on helping community members become healthier while meeting their fitness goals. Now, they are looking for the help of the community to hire a private contractor to keep their running path clear.

So, the group has done the math. In order to remove snow from the trail for the rest of the winter it will cost $1,300. So far, they’ve got $500.

The crowdfunding campaign is an attempt to raise the remaining $800 by January 31. At the time of this post, the campaign has raised $635. See how they are doing here. Ahh! Now it’s $660 – I just donated. We’ve gotta be a team no matter where we run. Virginia to Michigan in this case!

“Although Muskegon has miles of incredible bike trails that we – and many others – take advantage of, these trails are not plowed during the winter,” the group states on their fundraising website. “As a result, all of us who want to exercise outside find ourselves walking in slippery streets with limited visibility; this poses a real threat to our safety.”

“If we exceed our fundraising goal, we will begin saving funds to use for snow removal during the 2014-2015 winter,” the fundraising website says. “At the end of the day, every penny raised will go directly toward removing the snow from our bike path and creating an outdoor space that can be enjoyed year round.”


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