UPDATE: Unidentified NYC runner found unconscious has died

Running News

What heartbreaking news.

The New York Times has reported that the unidentified runner who was found unconscious in New York City’s Prospect Park on New Year’s Eve died Thursday after being taken off life support.

The man was known as John Doe for 10 days at the intensive-care unit in New York Methodist Hospital. He was carrying only an inhaler and keys on his run.

After his photo was circulated on social media, the man’s half-brother identified him as 68-year-old Rynn Berry.

“It’s a terribly sad circumstance,” said his half brother, Charles Berry, according to the New York Times. “From what they tell me, there’s nothing that could’ve been done.”

A regular runner, Berry ran the New York City Marathon in 1979. He was also a well-known advocate of vegetarian and vegan diets, self-publishing The Vegan Guide to New York City and other books, Runner’s World reports. 

A note of safety: Always run with identification. My cousin runs with an old ID in her shoe, I run with a Road ID bracelet. They are reasonably priced, lightweight and come in a variety of colors and styles. Worth your time. 


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