EnergyBits – a clean, even energy.. made of algae? Yeah. And it’s awesome.

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Having a boyfriend that is a healthnut means having unrecognizable foods, vitamins supplements and concoctions all over the place all of the time.

So when Brent was talking my ear off about some magic algae called “spirulina” that was supposed to do something to make something more something – it was just another day.

His spirulina arrived. Excitedly, he measured it into his healthy person smoothie – impatiently waiting for the blender to finish it’s part of the ritual.

“Urgh!” he said, nose snarled with disgruntled frown. “That’s disgusting. Wanna try?” Uh, no. Thanks Brent.

He stuck with it, but just the whiff of this spirulina stuff had me gagging. Not for me. No thanks.

Flash forward a few months: I connected with EnergyBits on twitter where they offered me a sample of their product to review. They sounded really interesting and had some amazing reviews – eat 30 of these 100% little pill-shaped bits of food and you’d have more energy. Huh. Sounded interesting.

But then I noticed one thing.. They were made 100% out of spirulina algae. Yikes. Well, Brent did say the benefits were awesome – despite the ground up smoothie smell. “Alright,” I said to my unenthused cat who seemed to be busy ignoring me. “Let’s give these a try.”

The EnergyBits arrived a few days later. I took them out of their packaging and stared at the little tin. I knew the smell that would be inside of the tin. But I just wanted to see what the bits were like. Gathering my courage, I slid the lid off the tin, eyes squinted, neck pulled away – you know, in case. But no smell came out. “What? I thought this was spirulina,” I said, half to myself, half to my cat who was sleeping on my running shoes. I stuck my nose a bit closer – no awful stench. Okay, I was starting to feel better about things. Unfortunately, the bits came right before I had 3 weekends of back to back races and was heading to China to finish off 2013 with a half marathon in Shanghai. Not the time, I decided, for experimentation.



Flash forward a bit more: It was the perfect day to give these babies a try. I had taken the day off of work to move into my new apartment. We had a 8 mile run planned on a familiar course. I was feeling healthy and a little adventurous. Okay EnergyBits. Show me what you got.

For best results, they recommend swallowing at least 30 ENERGYbits before your run. Thirty sounds like a lot, but Brent (who always does his research) told me that you need a lot of spirulina to really get the benefits. I counted out thirty little greenish tablets on my dresser and swallowed them in clumps of three. They didn’t taste like candy, but they didn’t taste badly either. Kinda like vitamins. It was nothing like Brent’s spirulina-nightmare smoothie. The EnergyBits website says “ENERGYbits® are 100% spirulina algae and taste like dark green grass.” – so take that as you will.

Just 15 minutes later I felt a major difference. I had gone from that feeling before you have that cup of coffee you desperately need in the morning to a clear, crisp energy. Like you drank the coffee but without the jitters and uneven energy spikes.

It wasn’t a hyper energy. It just felt like a controlled alertness.The best way I can describe it is the way you picture cold water would feel as it made it’s way down a creek. Or like someone had just adjusted my glasses prescription so I could see more clearly. Does that make sense? No? Okay. Read on.

I finished the 8 miles with more energy than usual and felt really great. A few days later I broke out the bits, divided them into their little groups of 10 and swallowed them before I went out for 20 miles. I felt strong and powerful for the whole run, averaging about a 9 minute mile over the 20 miles. The strength came from the hard work, hours and lost toenails I’ve put into marathon training. But the clear focus and motivation help came from the bits.

The bits claim to make you full, but I didn’t get that feeling. I wasn’t hungry, but I wasn’t alarmed with any kind of full feeling and was hungry at a usual time. That being said, marathon training is making me ravenous and I haven’t felt full in months.

Again, for a third run – I felt great. Clear, focused, energized and motivated. That energy hung around for 8 miles.

These bits aren’t magic. I was feeling sick, rundown and not up for a 10 mile run last week. I went out anyway. I took the bits. While they gave me that same clear energy, they didn’t fix my oncoming head cold or exhaustion from a rough week. I still was dragging and still needed to turn back early. The EnergyBits certainly improved my performance — but not completely. I was run down and all that could fix it was proper rest and nutrition. These have proved to be a great asset to my training, but not an alternative to taking care of myself.

I have no reservations about the $115 order I am about to place for a bag of 1,000 EnergyBits. That’s the only size you can purchase. Pricey, but totally worth it.  Give it a try here! I am raffling off a sample size. Can’t wait to hear what you think!

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For those who want the more technical details, here is the product description:



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