Race Review: George Washington Birthday Classic 10K

Race Reviews


Happy belated birthday George! Sorry I’ve been blog-MIA for a while, but I am back with a race recap of the Pacer’s George Washington Birthday Classic 10K. This race proved to me that all of my tough winter marathon training is paying off in my speed. I PRed with a 48:29! Happy camper over here! And look who came out – Woody Wilson! Some casual promotion for the Woodrow Wilson Bridge Half Marathon this fall.

The race itself was an out and back course. Aside from a serious hill near the start (and finish) and decent hill right before the turn around, the race was mostly flat. Water along the course, smiling faces and friendly police officers giving thumbs up and smiles.There were a few small icy patches but they were easily avoidable.

Well organized, as Pacers races always are. The race started on time, lines for packets, food, bathrooms – all that jazz were  either non-existent or short and moved quickly. The race started just outside of the Patent and Trademark Office which was great because runners could be indoors on a rather chilly morning right up until the start and could get right back inside after. Somehow, by the time I walked from the finish to the water, bananas and snack boxes inside, Pacers had already posted my time on a table. I love this about races organized by Pacers – you know your official time almost right away.

There was a parking garage – with free parking for the morning – just steps from the building. Another great perk.

There wasn’t a ton of scenery on this course, but it didn’t bother me. The simplicity kept things flat as far as I am concerned.

I’d certainly do it again!


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