Product Review: Tadasana Crop Leggings from North Face – Perfect for yoga and running

Product Reviews

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Lately in exercise gear it’s been all about the funk – so when North Face sent me these green camo-ish yoga tights -I said bring it on. (Stay tuned with this review, even if you aren’t funky – these crops come in more reasonable prints too.)

So lets break it down. If you’re going to be running (and jiggling) all over the place or bending over (with your rear in someone’s face) on a yoga mat – you want all the help you can get in the lookin’ good department. So I am thrilled to announce I’ve found a pair of exercise leggings that are great for all kinds of movement – and they look great. Six people told me so at the yoga studio this morning. “Namaste, neighbor. Namaste.”

Take a look at North Face’s Tadasana Crop Leggings. The wide waistband is so comfortable, looks awesome AND keeps the band from sliding when you’re running or bending up and down. This is a major problem with other leggings. After standing up and sitting down or running a few miles, they start to creep down. Nobody likes to do the mid-run legging hike. These leggings are super supportive and have a bit of compression in them which keeps everything exactly where you want it.

I wore these leggings to a hot yoga class. It was, of course, hot in the class – but the leggings did a great job staying cool. Throughout my very sweaty hot yoga workout these pants didn’t stretch at all and (no matter how I bent) were never see-through. I am sure of it. I asked my yoga instructor – a wonderfully patient and hilarious woman named Melissa. She gave the pants two thumbs up. I’ve been less fortunate with both mid-workout stretching and see-through nightmares in leggings from Adidas and New Balance so this was a very welcome change. These go for $65 – a nice break from Lululemon’s $88 and just about on par with Athleta’s $60-$80 range. These aren’t a steal, but they are worth the price. Plus – they have a lifetime guarantee AND are made out of 99% recycled materials (very cool). But if quality doesn’t matter to you and you’re into the stretchy jiggling – Old Navy has a pair for around $12. I’ve worn. They’ve stretched. I’ve jiggled.

I’d wear the Tadasana Crop Leggings every day.. although I might need to order them in purple or black if I want to do that. Warning: the green are eye catching for sure. Not safe for folks who prefer to blend in.


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