SELF Magazine discontinues BS Meter, apologizes to tutu runner Monika Allen

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After making waves for mocking a cancer survivor running a marathon in a tutu, SELF has published an apology and announced that they will discontinue the highly criticized “BS Meter.”

“SELF’s April BS Meter page included an item that dissed running tutus, alongside a photo of Monika Allen, a 35-year-old marketing manager from San Diego who was running a marathon while undergoing treatment for brain cancer, in a tutu she made to support charity. The item should never have run, and we have since decided to discontinue the page. You will not see it after the May issue of SELF,” Self Editor in Chief Lucy Danziger said in a post on

Danziger continued: “Monika told me today that she felt we had taken a bullying approach, and she wished our item was more positive and encouraging. I agreed.”

ORIGINAL STORY: SELF magazine mocks cancer survivor wearing tutu

Danziger continues with an in depth interview with Allen, highlighting her charities and positivity. See the entire interview here.

The post ends with this:

“We are all moving forward, together. Monika is a complete inspiration. She doesn’t let anyone (or anything) define her and is living life every day to its fullest. SELF is passionate about women supporting each other, learning from each other and respecting each other. Here is how you can join in and #ChangeTheConversation.

You can support Girls on the Run — the charity on whose board Monika sits — and UCSD’s neurooncology lab where she is being treated, or you can go for a run tomorrow morning wherever you live, in a tutu or anything else you like, and tell us how you #ChangeTheConversation and are #KeepingItPositive.”


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