Professor runs 100 miles to raise money for French horn students

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If you don’t think “French horns” and “100 mile run” seem like they should be in the same sentence, meet Joe Lovinsky – or 100 Mile Joe.

Lovinsky is a music professor at Shenandoah University who ran 100 miles in 31 hours around the University track to raise scholarships for French horn students.

“I thought, ‘if I’m going to put in all this work, all this effort and beat up my body this much, then I really should do it for a cause,’” said Lovinsky. “I love the horn, I love horn students, and I have a real feeling for those who are struggling financially. I know Shenandoah does all it can to assist students with scholarships and financial aid, but I just thought if I could do something to help even more, then why not do it while I’m accomplishing my 100-miler? This could be the difference between someone actually graduating and getting a degree or never getting their degree.”

All along the way he had cheerleaders. The jazz band and brass quintet played and the women’s lacrosse team and his pup joined in and ran with him. Supporters provided a play-by-play on Facebook.

Lovinsky raised more than $7,000, which surpassed his $5,000 goal. He wasn’t always a 100-mile-running, french-horn-teaching fundraiser. After graduating from Julliard, Lovinsky spent 20 years playing in the United States Army Band.


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