110% gear combines the best of compression and icing

Product Reviews

41Z0TljR2jLI was sick of defrosting and refreezing all the frozen vegetables in my fridge. If I am going to be marathon training – I need to take icing more seriously than whatever the most malleable veggies in the freezer are. So, as I often do, I turned to twitter for icing solutions. Someone suggested %110. After a ton of research, I invested in 110% juggler’s knickers.

Spoiler alert: I give these pants as high of a rating as possible. 5 stars, 10 out of 10, 100 – whatever.

Here is the gist: These “juggler’s knickers” are high-quality, excellent compression leggings with a twist. The whole thing has a second layer (broken into pockets) where you can slide ice packs. All the benefits of an ice bath with none of the hassle of an ice bath. And no weird defrosted-vegetable juice.

You can slide ice into every place the pants cover. The gear comes with reusable ice inserts. They are super easy to use, freeze quickly and don’t leak at all when they thaw. All you have to do the first time you use them is soak the sheets in water until they expand and throw them in the freezer. Then they are good to go for a number of uses before they start to deflate and you need to soak them in water again.

When they get warm – after about 45 minutes to an hour – you toss them back in the freezer. The inserts can also be heated up for heat therapy. You can buy more ice online and it all comes in sheets that you can cut to whatever size you want.


All the gear comes in a puffy resealable envelope type thing – don’t throw it out! It’s an insulated package you can toss frozen ice sheets into for after your workout. Brilliant right?

110% Compression fabric feels thick and high quality – but at the same time it allows plenty of the cold from the ice through to your legs.

When I was reading reviews for the 110% brand, I heard complaints about the fit – many people saying they ran too small. I didn’t find this to be true. They are tight – that’s for sure – but that’s why you buy compression gear. I’ve included the sizing chart at the bottom so you can get an idea. I came in right between sizes and opted with the smaller size – they are just what I need. A little tough to get on, but again – that’s the point of compression gear.

I haven’t exercised in them – I wear compression gear for recovery (right now). I also never bike, but cyclists should check out this awesome review from Scott Thigpen. Definitely worth your time. He’s hilarious.

No question, 110% gear is expensive. The Juggler Knickers came in at $150.00, the calf sleeves are $75.00 (although I found them cheaper on Amazon here) and women’s and men’s full-leg tights are $250.00. But if you can swing the cost, they are worth it. They make shorts, knickers, tights, calf sleeves, knee sleeves, quad sleeves, arm and elbow sleeves.


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