How cute is this! 6-year-old has unique way of supporting her mother’s London Marathon

Running News

How cute is this. Six-year-old Holly McHugh is running her own marathon to support her mother who is taking part in the London race on Sunday.

Of course, 26.2 miles is too far for a six-year-old. But little Holly is taking it one mile at a time. 26 miles over a few months.

 BBC’s Mike Bushell has this adorable interview with Holly – who is on the run of course.

As for the real marathon? Holly can register in 12 years.

Buschell asks Holly, what do you like about running? In the cutest moment ever recorded, Holly replies. “I can go very fast.”

Holly’s advice for getting through? “I imagine the finish line at the end of the marathon.”

For one mile, Holly ran with Olympic cyclist Chris behind. No surprise – she beat him. (Such a speedy little thing.)

Holly will run her final mile during Sunday’s London Marathon alongside her mom who will run with her beyond the finish line near Buckingham Palace, the Warrington Guardian reports.

As for running the entire London Marathon at once? Holly can register in 12 years.Screen Shot 2014-04-12 at 10.39.10 PM


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