Bride-to-be collapses and dies after crossing finish line

Running News


Just two weeks before her wedding, Kaytie Joiner,27, of Oklahoma collapsed and died at the finish line of a half-marathon in Galveston, Texas.

“We were planning a wedding, and so, we just had to plan something different, plan a different kind of party,” said Kaytie’s older sister, Leigha Pemberton told News9.

“She crossed the finish line and she literally stepped from this world, into Jesus’s arms,” Pemberton said.

Kaytie had a congenital heart defect that could not have been picked up on a regular medical screening.

According to her obituary, Kaytie completed several half marathons and many 5K’s and mud runs. She was an active member of Lifechurch and had read her Bible all the way through three times in the last three years. 

She was about to marry her boyfriend of more than five years.

“It was really all either one of us was looking forward to,” said Kaytie’s fiancé, Nick Cooper told News9. “Finally getting to start our lives together and have kids, and build a house together.”

“Kaytie was my everything,” said Cooper. “I mean, she was my best friend. She was my soul mate.”



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