Thorlos: The solution to my nightmare runner’s feet

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I am plagued with foot issues. Blisters, black toenails, enormous mystery bruises – you name it. After months and months of trying everything for a solution I could rely on , I found it (4 brands of shoes, 6 brands of socks and all kinds of weird gels and glide sticks later). I posted earlier on my love for Thorlos and I am back, 4 races and about a dozen runs later to tell you – these socks are reliable. I haven’t had a blister since I started running in Thorlos and my feet and toes are less achey in general.

Screen Shot 2014-03-30 at 10.25.03 PM

These socks – Thorlos with Experia – are intended for folks without foot problems like plantar fasciitis (Thorlos has more intense socks to help with that issue).  These socks fit great, keep my feet a totally reasonable temperature, get rid of rubbing and prevent blisters. They are very light – but not all thin. They have specially sculpted pads under the ball of the foot and heel – designed for people who like to run in a more minimal sock but with protection.

You can actually get a free pair here (or click the image below). You fill out a foot protection needs profile, pay shipping and handling and you get a free pair to try. I advise you to do it.



10 thoughts on “Thorlos: The solution to my nightmare runner’s feet

  1. I wear a variety of socks but really haven’t found the perfect ones. I like feetures mostly for running right now. I do get blisters occasionally, mostly on my little toes.


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