Got a sensitive stomach and tired muscles? Try àbloc Endurance Recovery Drink Mix

Product Reviews

Post-run chocolate almond milk is always my go-to. It keeps me from hitting a starving wall and it goes down easy after a long run. So when Mitch reached out and asked if I wanted to try chocolate-milk flavored àbloc Endurance Recovery Drink Mix I jumped at the opportunity. I am glad I did.


I have a sensitive stomach after hard workouts and a lot of protein powders just don’t sit right. I just can’t force my body to drink something that doesn’t taste good after I just made it run 20 miles – go figure. After a long run I mixed the recommended amount (a scoop) of the mix with water, tossed a few ice cubes in and shook it up. To my surprise – it was delicious. Not chalky, not too sweet, smooth and delicious. I also found that it gave me more energy than my usual glass of chocolate almond milk. The powder mixed very easily and I didn’t get any of the protein powder clumping that some other products have. The fact that I didn’t need to use a blender is huge. I can toss this in my bag, give it a shake and be good to go.

Here is what Mitch and Matt have to say about their 2:1 protein to carb ratio and the carbs they use. “A lot of sports recovery drinks are loaded with simple sugars like fructose. The problem is that these drinks cause a quick spike in blood sugar, which your body can’t store as glycogen fast enough. We’ve kept the sugar content low, and have included almost all complex carbohydrates. These complex carbs deliver a steady stream of glucose to quickly and efficiently replenish your glycogen stores,” the website states.


I can’t speak to the science – but I do know I had more energy for the rest of the day than I do with my regular almond milk.

I love a product with a story. Mitch is a U.S. Marine helicopter pilot and avid endurance athlete. Mitch and his friend Matt wanted to increase their endurance training days per week, but were having a hard time recovering between workouts. They decided to make their own 2-to-1 carbs-to-protein mix when they couldn’t find something that fit.

At $29.95, a tub of àbloc completely affordable – more than individual silk almond milks. But if you aren’t sure that you’re ready to spring for a big jug of the stuff – try the one serving size.

And you gotta give it to a company so confident in their product that they offer a complete refund if it does not exceed your expectations. No refund needed here! I’ll be reordering.


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