Nailed it! Race Review: Lawyers Have a Heart 10K, 5K (Guest post)

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Maybe Shakespeare wasn’t so smart after all.I’m sure every lawyer groans at the mention of the infamous quote – “The first thing we do, we kill all the lawyers.”

But if you were on the Georgetown Waterfront on Saturday morning, you might have a different take on the barrister bunch.

Thousands of runners, walkers and volunteers turned out on a sparkling day in lovely DC for the “Lawyers Have a Heart” 5k, 10k and 3k walk.

Lots of them work for law firms and just about all of them brought plenty of good cheer, positive attitude and, well, heart.

The race benefits the American Heart Association, and judging from the turnout, heart health had a great day. The race was well organized, the course was superior and there was plenty of water, bananas and – who knew?! – cherry nut bread at the finish.

The course itself was a fine one. K-street at the Waterfront to the Whitehurst Freeway, then down to Canal Road. The 10k went deep down Canal, a lovely run along the canal that was mostly in the shade at that hour of the morning. Back along Whitehurst and around K to the finish. Some sweeping hills, but overall fabulous and fun.

Volunteers always deserve accolades, but this team particularly so. After 1,200 people rolled through the 5k, the water stop teams then had rewire their smiles and encouraging attitudes for the 10k swarm of about 2,300. My training partner Natalie and I, after finishing the 5k, ducked into the 10k for a few miles so I could write a fair review of the entire program. We were uber-impressed with the volunteers – still upbeat and helpful, especially for the gutsy runners at the back end of the 10 k.

A special shoutout, too, to Lindsey Difazio and Brad Weisberg at the American Heart Association. Thousands of people registered for these races and Lindsey and Brad had a million details to work out. Yet when I missed the cutoff for online registration and was struggling to sign up, I blindly called in and they found the time to help me out. These guys clearly wanted to ensure that everyone’s experience was maximized, and it showed on race day.

Yes, the traffic around Georgetown was crazy as race time neared. And if you did manage to drive to the site, the parking “passes” still left you paying $7. But you can always find races in the deep suburbs where you roll up to the high school parking lot and stroll to the start (and we love those races, too!).

This one involved some creative transportation and maybe an early arrival, but easily paid you back with the fantastic venue and short strolls to brunch.

So congratulations to the organizers, the runners, walkers and volunteers. But the first thing we do, we thank all the lawyers!

John Bacon has been running for 25 years. He is the rewrite chief at USA TODAY, Natalie’s trusty marathon training partner, lunch sharing buddy and loyal sounding board. Follow him here on Twitter @jmbacon

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