NCAA new rules: No more “flagrant” contact

Running News

logoNo more flailing, jostling or cutting in front of other runners at NCAA track and field meets.

The NCAA Playing Rules Oversight Panel approved the rule, which is effective beginning Dec. 1, 2014, and distinguishes “flagrant” contact from the incidental contact that can occur during running events.

According to the NCAA website, the referee can now disqualify a competitor who:

“• Flagrantly jostles, cuts across or obstructs another competitor so as to impede the other runner’s progress. Direct contact is not necessary; any action that causes another runner to break stride or lose momentum is grounds for disqualification.

• Flagrantly veers to the right or to the left so as to impede a challenging runner or forces the challenging runner to run a greater distance.

The panel also approved an amendment to the rule that addresses races run on curves. If a runner steps on or over the lane line to the left with two consecutive steps of either both feet or a single foot, they will be disqualified.”

Alright everyone! On your mark, get set – keep your hands and legs to yourself!


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