Guest yoga post: Always a beginner

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GUEST POST by Sandra Malm. Sandra is a writer and a certified yoga teacher. She loves yoga because it teaches her how to go about sucking the marrow out of life.

Always a Beginner.

Take-aways from advanced asana training: practice and all will follow.

People don’t go to yoga because they want to stay the same. I go because I know I can be better.

I attend yoga classes in search of that forward movement, but more importantly I go because I don’t want to rush towards it. I have learned, already, that I am at my best when I relax into the present moment. It kind of feels like waking up. You see, when I allow my thoughts to live in the perpetually impenetrable future I not only get stressed,  I just don’t feel I’m at my best – any of the time. So I end up in a yoga class, because I know something needs to change.

Over the first week of May I continued my yoga training with an advanced course in a dynamic school of asana (or movement) practice thats different from what I’m used to.  In typical yoga fashion I found myself dwarfed by what I don’t know yet. It was invigorating. So much so that my energy and excitement about the doors opening before me spiraled forth, pulling me further from the practice of centering and into a reality overwhelmed by planning and fantasy the not-yet-achieved. This left the part of me still here, in the now, feeling undernourished and generally lousy.

Then, I went to a yoga class again. An 8pm class, it wasn’t my regular teacher or community. I  hit the reset/RELAX button about 10 minutes into the class.

We were controlling our breath, and while holding air in about 50% of our lungs it was taking all of my concentration not to speed up and fill my lungs to 100%. “Be OK here,” said the teacher. “Know you don’t need to get to the next moment. It will come.  Open your inner ear and be here..”

WHOOSH! In rushed the moment. Along with my joy.

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