Caroline Wozniacki credits marathon training for success

Running News

Screen Shot 2014-09-01 at 5.08.08 PMGo Caroline Wozniacki! Aside from your tennis, we want to say good luck in your marathon training!

Wozniacki announced in late July that she will run the New York marathon on Nov. 2 for the New York Road Runner Team for Kids charity.

She is blazing a trail, USA TODAY Sports reports. “As far as we know she’s the first professional athlete in season that is training for a marathon,” says Chris Weiller, vice president of media and public relations of the New York Road Runners.

She even said marathon training helps her tennis. Wozniacki says: “It’s hard work. I run a lot already in my training, so to put those extra miles in, I think it helps my head. I feel more free when I go on court.”

Sharapova commented to USA TODAY saying: “I know if I was getting ready for a marathon it wouldn’t help me, but everyone is different.”

As for her goal time? She’s not saying.



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