Product review: Clif Shot Bloks (but with a salty catch)

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shotbloks_margaritaAfter a pretty hard crash in my first marathon I became painfully aware that I was going to need more electrolytes while I was running. For my running partner and I that meant Gatorade, Gatorade and more Gatorade and also Clif Shot Bloks – margarita style. They’re just like regular Shot Bloks but with three times the sodium – a godsend for long runs in the summer.

Folks, these are a lifesaver. I only wish that Clif made Shot Bloks with extra salt in more than the margarita flavor. They’re delicious, but after four months of training with them, I’m ready to switch it up. Clif Shot Bloks of all flavors come in a sleeve of six 33-calorie chews. One serving is three of the blocks and the sleeves are simple enough to cut in half and keep in a back pocket or rip open while you’re running and just eat half at a time. They aren’t sticky, they are super easy to chew and except for when you’re at mile 22 of a marathon – they are delicious.

For those new to mid-run fueling, Shot Bloks are used like GU or any other on-the-run carbohydrate replenisher. They are meant to keep you going even after your body has used up all it’s fuel from before you hit the road on your run.

If you’re looking for regular bloks – which I also recommend, you can find a variety pack here.

So here is a look inside the margarita bloks:


Not looking for sodium but need a little jolt? Here is our other go-to flavor. Black Cherry (John’s favorite) comes with added Caffeine to give you a boost. You need to make sure your body handles caffeine well on the run – but if it does, these work wonders. Clif makes Shot Bloks in two caffeine levels, 25 and 50 mg per serving.



Check out the other flavors too: Citrus, Cran-Razz, Mountain Berry (deliciousssss), Orange, Strawberry and Tropical Punch


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